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How to Choose a Brand Consultancy in India?

How to Choose a Brand Consultancy in India?

  • August 23, 2022
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India has always been a lucrative market for businesses, considering its wide demography, increasing per capita income, huge spending capacity of the masses and the openness of the audience to try out emerging trends. No wonder every big and small company wants to explore this potential and enter the Indian market. However, this scenario brings along with it, a completely new set of challenges, especially for small businesses. A country being recognized as a start-up hub, also means that the rate at which start-ups fail is high. As the competition grows, it is insufficient for businesses to only offer great products or services. Branding becomes a necessity for them. But how can a start-up focus on both, while being conscious of their limited resources and finances? The answer is to hire the best brand consultancy in India that can share their passion.

What is a Brand Strategy Consulting?

Brand strategy consultants are experienced branding professionals, who work with the internal marketing team of a business, to create its brand guidelines, processes, strategies and identity. As a brand consultant, he/she is responsible for the image of the brand and how it is perceived by its customers, employees and all other stakeholders. A brand strategy encompasses a 360-degree coverage of a business’ branding, that includes its advertising, communication, digital & offline presence, brand colours, marketing frameworks, and so on.

Why is it necessary to hire a Brand Consultancy in India?

India is a hub for new businesses, and as such, the market for any given product/service is filled with unlimited options for the customer. In such a competitive market, how does a business stand out? Brand Consultants in India, who are well-versed with the Indian market conditions and the consumer mentality of different parts of the country, can help you to create a branding strategy that ensures success. They develop marketing channels that help you to reach your exact target audience, be it through social media marketing, television ads, radio ads, paper ads, local outdoor advertising or even word-of-mouth publicity. In fact, having a brand consultancy from India on your team also helps your business to overcome unforeseen barriers like language, govt. regulations, religious sentiments, etc.

7 Things to consider while hiring a Brand Consulting Firm in India

  • Your Branding Requirements

    Tailor-made solutions are always a preferred choice for brand strategies. While choosing a branding agency or brand consultant, especially for the Indian operations, it is important to ensure that they are able to understand your specific brand goals and your expectations from them, as well as your financial constraints. In many cases, companies hire branding agencies with a lot of expectations, only to find out later, that there is a huge communication gap between them and the agency.

  • Brand Consultancy Reputation

    The reputation of a brand consultancy can be a key factor in judging how good their services will be. A brand consultant, who is thorough with the due-diligence, who has all the paperwork in order, is well-known for being effective, and has a good rapport with his clients. A quick online search and customer reviews on different sites can give a good idea of the branding agency’s reputation.

  • Capabilities of the Consultancy

    This is another point that cannot be neglected in your checklist. It is important to check whether the brand consultancy that you shortlist has all the capabilities and services that you would be requiring, in the present and in future, as well as if they have a higher success rate dealing with Indian clients. As a business, having a single agency handle all your branding requirements can make your work much simpler and streamlined.

  • Background of the Agency

    It always bodes well to pay attention to details. When hiring brand management consulting services, it’s always better to do a thorough background check on the agency. Checking the agency’s financial background, the quality of their customer- base, their authenticity, their Indian network and contacts, etc. can give you peace of mind. Remember that you are in this for the long-run, and a tie-up with a dependable branding partner will ensure that you get the best available services, ultimately deciding the success of your brand.

  • The Ways of Working

    When it comes to branding, doing the job in a timely and professional manner is as important as getting the job done. While hiring brand consultants, you might also want to be aware of their style of working and their pro-activeness. Do they communicate frequently, are they transparent with what they are doing, do they have processes in place to ensure that their work is seamless… all these questions need to be addressed before finalizing the agency.

  • Industry Experience and Expertise

    A safer choice for your business can be to go with an agency that has previously worked in the same domain or a related field. Though not as a thumb-rule, but an agency who has worked in your domain increases the chances of helping you get results faster. On the other hand, even if the branding agency that you may have shortlisted has not worked in your domain, but has a notable experience in working with reputed clients from other industries, they may still be a better fit for your branding.

  • Cost

    This can be a really tricky one, especially for start-ups and small businesses in India. Go for the costliest and you might burn a hole in your pocket, which you cannot afford. Go for the cheapest, and it might become an even costlier affair in the long- term. The idea here is to be flexible enough with your budget and to find the best brand consultancy within that range, keeping in mind all the other aspects stated above. In the end, its all about getting the highest returns on your branding investments.

Contact the Best Brand Consultancy in Pune, India

As a business, if you make it big in the Indian market, you’re almost assured of achieving global success. Our confidence of saying this comes from our own experience of having helped many businesses in achieving this feat. We, at MAD Designs, have worked diligently over the years, with many start-ups and businesses, having helped them make a name for themselves, especially in the Indian market.

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