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What is a QR code? Though it started out as an aid for tracking or sharing information in the Automobile Industry in Japan, a QR code or Quick Response code was fast adapted by the marketing and branding industry as a sure shot way to pass on critical information to the intended recipient.

It might look like a group of black and white squares arranged in a haphazard fashion and fitted into a larger square to the normal human eye but a QR code scanner or even a mobile phone camera can read the information that the code wishes to convey.

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MAD Designs is one of the best QR code designing company and offers QR Code services in Pune to its clients. A typical Customized QR code designed by us includes the website URL as well as information about any discounts or campaigns that you might want to offer to your customers on a regular basis.

Give us a call and we will help you decide on what goes into your QR code and also create it for you.

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