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Want to convey your message in the most engaging way to a widespread audience? A corporate video can be a fantastic promotional tool for the same. Be it your customers, employees or management, a quirky animated video or a professional corporate video is the most effective way to grab the attention of your audience. It breathes new life into the company's image and can be used again and again, without losing the crux of your message. In addition, including videos on your website and social media pages can help you connect with potential customers and followers, while also increasing the SEO value of your website. So, make a professional video production company like MAD Designs a part of your marketing and branding team, to create all kinds of business videos.

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Why your business needs a good Video Production company?

Describe your offerings through innovative ideas

You can be as innovative and creative with your videos, as you want. The only limit that you may face is the capabilities of your video creation partners. So better to invest in partnering with production companies who can provide you with the best RoI on your videos, and ones who have the right capabilities to bring your ideas to life.

Let a video do the work of your sales and training team

Nearly 40% of top-level executives who have watched an online marketing video have subsequently contacted the company. It is easier to watch a video and connect with your message, while also having a higher brand recall value. Training videos are always more effective than lengthy manuals and can be referred to whenever required, thus saving your valuable time and efforts.

To get started, it is as simple as searching the best video production companies near me on Google, and finding us at MAD Designs.

Our Video Production Services

Explainer Videos

The most powerful tool in advertising is explainer video production services, used in various contexts, that is engaging, informative, easily consumable, and can be passed about indefinitely.

Corporate Films

Showcase your brand’s professionalism and your company’s capabilities through a well-designed, professional corporate film. Our specialists will create a corporate video that effectively communicates your brand's message clearly and concisely.

Corporate Events

Make your viewers feel as if they are a part of your event, even if they may be miles away. Let our professional video-shooting team record and shoot your event, as we develop and deliver the best event video presentation for your company.


Quirky, witty, fun, emotional or simply outlandish – we help you create video advertisements that remain etched in your customers’ minds and, at the same time, make them feel that your products are exactly what they were looking for.

Promo Films

New launches, limited-time deals, or grand openings; we help you to engage your audience right from the first look of your promotional films, be it on the television, or social media.

Online Marketing Videos

Your online audience is looking for something extra-ordinary and, as experienced video creation specialists, we promise to deliver on that. Our online video marketing services help you get more customers and expand your brand's reach.


If you’re looking out for a way to provide maximum information of your products and services within a span of just few minutes, then a well-thought, professionally created infomercial from MAD Designs is all you will need to achieve it.

Music Videos

If you’re an artist with a knack for music, then we have the expertise to compliment your sound with the right visuals. Bring life to your music videos with our innovative storylines and well-shot cinematography, that will surely connect with your fans and followers.

Social Media Videos

A vast audience is out there eager to subscribe to your channel, and we can help you connect with them. With our expert team of video developers on your side, increase your chances of going viral online, with the most creative social media videos.

3D/2D Animation Videos

From picturesque landscapes to animated characters, we create out-of-the-box 2D and 3D animated videos for your business. Animated videos are one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience, be it as a sales tool or as a company introduction.

Short Films and Documentaries

Portray your stories and research through the most compelling storytelling, paired with high-quality graphics and audio/visuals. We help you shoot documentaries and short-films that effectively get the message across.

Drone Surveys and Aerial Photography

Get a bird’s eye view of a larger area with our high-tech drone surveys and aerial photography services. Use it to get insights of your surroundings for research purposes, or make it a part of your corporate video to leave your audience in awe.

Industrial Videos

Want to share the entire functioning of your industrial plant and explain the different processes in the most attractive manner? Then our Industrial video-shoots can get the work done in a jiffy.

Educational / E-learning Videos

Our expertise in creating engaging educational videos can help you cover your educational topics in the simplest, yet most interactive ways. Teach your students with live visuals and practical implementation through the power of e-learning videos.

Motion Graphic Videos

If your target-audience is someone who loves a heavy dose of creative visuals, then motion graphics is the perfect way to capture their attention. From catchy scripts and unique storylines, to crisp and clear visuals, you can trust us for a video that exceeds your expectations.

Pre-Wedding / Post-wedding Films / Wedding Films (Traditional / Cinematic)

We don’t just help you capture the most precious moments of your life in video, but rather we help you relive every moment and bring those nostalgic feelings within our cinematic and traditional wedding films.

Subtitling / Dubbing Services

Want to dub your videos in regional languages, or want to add subtitles to your videos? We can help you with professional voice-over services and dubbing, while maintaining the crux of your message as it is.

Features that we provide for you

One-Stop Videography Services

Be it real-time video-shoots or animated visuals, with MAD Designs, you get the choice to experiment and select the type of video that suits your business best.

Affiliated Services

Not just visuals, but we also specialize in providing script-writers, actors and models, dubbing artists, voice-over artists, special effects team and all other allied services that go hand-in-hand with videography.

Competitive pricing

Without any compromise on quality, we provide our services at highly competitive, budget-friendly prices.

Useful recommendations

When you hire our videography services, we assure you of the best way forward and guide you through the entire process, from ideation to the end-result. With an open-communication policy, we understand your expectations and merge it with our professional expertise.

Why MAD Designs Over Other Video Production Companies in India?

When it comes to video production services, it isn’t simply enough to have the most advanced tools. The decisive factor when choosing the best video production company for your business is to see the mix of creativity, capabilities and seamless execution. This is precisely what differentiates MAD Designs from our competitors, and why our clients prefer us for their long-term commitments of videography services in India..


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Video Production FAQ

A video production firm generates any and all kinds of visuals, including real and animated movies, documentaries, television series and music videos.

A video production business will do everything from coming up with ideas for the film, creating the script, hiring the necessary talent, looking after the shooting and audio, composing, editing and promotion.

A video production firm may be expected to give a more impressive array of deliverables during the pre-production, production and post-production stages, whereas less is frequently expected of a videographer.

A video production business has the necessary expertise and connects to assist you in making all kinds of informative and entertaining videos for your target demographic, be it for promotional purposes, branding, training, educational or sales purpose.

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