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Metaphors : Powerful tools for Branding

Metaphors : Powerful tools for Branding

  • January 25, 2019
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Metaphors are words used for comparing one thing to another or expressing the characteristics of the object. The pairing of words creates a metaphor that shapes understanding and expectations. And this approach is equally effective in branding.

Every renowned brand owns its tone. It’s something to which brand is stuck for a long long time. whatever happens, this tone doesn’t change. This tone is nothing but a brand metaphor. This increases the intensity of retaining information in customers’ mind and enhances its recall value.

Metaphors are powerful communication tools in branding. They act as a medium to communicate the strength of a brand in a very powerful and unforgettable way. Your metaphor should become integral to your brand positioning.

Eg. Your brand is …… (Metaphor) It’s all about how you want the audience to resonate with/remember your brand. It’s the characteristics of your brand people will hold in their hearts and remember you ever. So, important to develop that image. Metaphors need not be verbal only, can be visual too.

he positioning of Metaphor is very critical and important. If not used primarily, it impacts is lost. If used in the middle or end, it’s useless.

Eg. Red Bull’s Tag Line – Redbull gives you wings, stands for the fact that Red Bull energizes your body and lifts up your spirit in such a manner, that you feel refreshed and energetic.

Volkswagen’s tag line – Das Auto strongly signifies that they are a representation of the ideal car. (Das Auto means ‘The Car’ in German).

Thums up’ Tag Line – Taste the Thunder signifies how the drink has a strong, electrifying personality and meant for the adventurous one.

However, using the metaphor at one place or in one campaign won’t make a big deal. It has to be used over and over again in all marketing campaigns, packaging or anywhere else possible. It conveys your brand message. The more you use the metaphor, the more power it will build your brand.

Which word can be used best as a metaphor to describe your brand? What message you want your audience to relate through it to your brand?

This about it, take a call and use it over and over again to build a strong brand possible!!

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