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The YIN & Yang in Branding

The YIN & Yang in Branding

  • January 25, 2019
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The Yin and Yang principle might be one of the oldest Chinese philosophies which found acceptance worldwide due to its rationale and practicality; and rightfully so. After all, opposites do attract and there is a little bit of good in every evil, right?When we try applying it in our lives, we see how it is not far from reality! But does it stay true to branding as well? It does become an interesting thought…

The Yin (or the black part) signifies the darker part of your branding. It may be a failed campaign, an honest mistake, bad decisions or a catastrophic ROI. These are situations which every business goes through at some point of time. Barring a few exceptionally lucky ones, almost every brand has had to face immense odds to reach to the position they are in today. Financial doldrums, competitive disadvantages and internal issues are parts and parcel of branding strategies. But then what does the white circle stands for, you may ask! Well, glad you asked…

Here’s what you can take from your Yin Branding
First and foremost, you got to know what not to do! It is said that ‘nothing beats experience’. And your Yin Branding definitely leaves you wiser and more matured than before.

It’s a great opportunity to analyze your internal functioning.On retrospection of your branding glitch, you can find out at which stage the strategy went downhill. This gives you an opportunity to make amendments to your working.

Was it too much, or too little involvement? Were there instances where there was external or internal interference? Or was the team under-prepared? This becomes a great chance to judge the team’s performance.

Any kind of branding is good branding! It may be that your branding strategy did not work out. But it surely doesn’t mean that it was a complete waste. You can capitalize on whatever gains were achieved from your branding and avoid the mistakes to do a better branding.

Coming to the greener side, the Yang (the white part) is a symbol of the happy branding days. Successful brand campaigns, immense popularity, rapid growth and exceptional ROI are the coveted aims of all brands. The best part is that, with the Yin, the Yang is also something which every brand will go through, at least for some time. And this stage is probably what separates the great from the good. So even while enjoying the phase of Yang Branding, there is the small black circle which one needs to be careful of.

So here’s a small list to be aware of in your Yang Branding
Now you’re in the eyes of your competitors! It probably is the best to remember that being famous means being in the scanner of all your competitors. So it’s wise to be prepared for increased competition, scrutiny and legal and compliant behavior.

Not to get carried away! One of the biggest mistakes a brand can do is to over-do it. Milking the cow when it is healthy is a great thing, but not changing with the changing times can lead your graph to go downhill. The idea is to exactly understand when to stop and when to change.

Doing the same things gives the same results, but probably not in Branding! If you try to repeat our success by repeating your branding, it is a sure-shot disaster. Branding is about innovation and ideation. So no matter if your new idea is not as good as your previous one, it will still give you a better ROI than repeating your old idea.

So there we go… Try applying these principles in your branding as well and you’ll be able to see for yourself the transformation from a good brand to a great one. And if you need any extra help, feel free to connect with us and we can help you out.

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