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Those 9 Magical Words

Those 9 Magical Words

  • January 25, 2019
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There was a time when people used to relate branding to designing. ‘The better your designs, the better your branding’ was the common notion amongst marketers. However, as branding evolved, they soon realized the importance of the words to compliment the designs. Today, words and content are equally, if not less, important in grabbing the attention of your customers. However, being a game of psychology, there are various tricks which a marketer can subtly use to attract clients; e.g., just using the right words. After all, isn’t it appealing to hear someone who can say the exact words you want to hear?

Here is a list of words which you can use in your marketing campaigns to make a better impact on your customers:

Hands down, the first word has to be ‘You’! All the customer is really interested in is knowing how the business is beneficial for him or how the company can be of value to him. So the golden rule always remains – The customer is the king. And the king loves a whole lot of pampering.

This word may work in both ways. It can either be used to create a sense of urgency, or it can be used to denote an entry to a niche class. People do love to own what remains special and uncommon.

Who doesn’t like freebies? It may be true that nothing is free except advice, but with the increase in competition, companies must be able to afford some freebies, no matter how small it may be.

People don’t want to wait around; be it the prince, or the leyman. Your customers are looking for instant solutions and they do not plan to wait around much. So if you plan to attract your customers, show them the value of your products and show it to them quick.

Hassle-free, uncomplicated and easy to understand. This mantra will grab your customer’s attention in a jiffy.

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Customers are afraid of losing out on opportunities. Most of the times, it is the fear of not having capitalized on an opportunity, when it was there in front of them. These words just bring this fact to their mind.

Especially with online financial transactions and online retailing, the customers do have a nudge of skepticism. So why not assure them that they are secure? It definitely adds a lot of value to their experience.

Just like best friends have secrets, so do businesses and customers. Everyone loves to be let in on small tricks and tips which can help them.

The first step is to grab the customer’s attention. But the immediate next step is to convince him why it is a good thing for him. If the customer is convinced, he is halfway there.

Though these words may seem insignificant, they do work. For years, marketers have used them successfully to attract customers and increase sales. Content marketing, as we all know, is all about understanding the message which needs to be put forth to the customer and that is exactly what helps businesses. There are agencies that can help you develop the right content for your marketing and create an impact on your sales. Agencies like MAD Designs, which specialize in content marketing. So if you’re planning on being serious about your business, you can start by just saying the right words…

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