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Does your logo resonate with the “TREND”?

Does your logo resonate with the “TREND”?

  • January 25, 2019
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The idea of a logo was to give the customers something to relate to. How else could a pen maker differentiate himself from another one? However, today your logo acts more than a differentiator. It’s the first impression of your company, it’s the status symbol for your customers, a platform to showcase your creativity and ideals of your company. 2017, being called the year of the start-ups, saw immense creativity in this field and became a reason for strong trends to arise in the designing industry.

Some of the logo trends which emerged during 2017 and were widely accepted by everyone are as follows:
1. Minimalistic :

Less is the trend. Minimalistic designs capture the eye and create a powerful impact on the minds of the customer. It is the perfect balance between being practical and having your message conveyed in the smartest way possible. The lesser clutter, the clearer the message.

2. Negative Space :

Negative and positive designs are one of the cleverest designs out there. It forces the customer to take a second glance and complete the message through the balanced attention to both the spaces.

3. Hand Drawn:

A logo with a feel of hand-drawn fonts and designs is very impactful. It is popularly seen in the F&B and hotel industry, with restaurants and hotels opting for such designs. It focuses on simple text and not on any hidden messages or meanings.

4. Vintage:

This kind of a logo is related to strong emotions and memories related to a particular product. It evokes a sense of nostalgia in the customer’s mind and creates belongingness with the brand. This especially works in the minds of the youth and influencing their perceptions.

5. Line Art:

Line Art logo designs started entering the scene in 2015. Forecasts have shown that it will peak by 2018 and will be one of the most popular choices for start-ups.

Though these trends are widely being accepted by businesses today, there are many up-coming trends in the designing world. However, it might take some time for the common public to accept these trends. And till that time, the trends must be focused on what the customer understands. Because no matter what, the crux remains that the logo should resonate with the customer. That is all that matters!

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