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Have you ever thought of evaluating your Brand’s performance?

Have you ever thought of evaluating your Brand’s performance?

  • January 25, 2019
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In today’s era, more than ever, it is time to rethink or regularly evaluate the brand’s performance. This helps the CMOS, decision makers and strategists to take a call on the next move for improving the performance of the brand. A quick analysis ( no science )can be performed by answering few questions. Some can be as follows: You can rate yourself between 1-10. (This will help you to determine your brand strength.)

1) Are the purpose, vision, mission and brand values embedded in every team member’s thought process? Do they talk the same language?
2) Is the brand message consistent on all fronts? Is it clear, concise and informative?
3) Does the brand ( product or service ) possess USP and use it?
4) Are the brand guidelines in place? Is Branding in the external market place aligned with it?
5) Does the brand have an online presence? Is the website delivering an experience to the end customer?
6) Has the market research or survey been conducted to check customer’s loyalty towards brand over a period?

Bottom line, keeping close tabs on how your brand is performing is always a good idea. How will you understand whether your brand is improving if you don’t measure its effectiveness? Unless you measure it, you won’t be able to manage it.

Once a brand’s performance is known, it is easier to determine various brand optimization techniques to improve the power of the brand.

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