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Ace Your Social Media Game

Ace Your Social Media Game

  • August 28, 2019
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Are you aware that over 80 per cent of businesses today have dedicated personnel that are tasked with managing the company’s social media footprint? What makes this figure more interesting is that just a decade ago less than 20 per cent of businesses had an active social media presence. Clearly, it is easy to see why the impact of social media cannot be taken for granted.

More organizations are taking up the challenge of growing their businesses across all fronts through concise and deliberate social media marketing.
If you’re not successfully using social media in your business, it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon to utilize some of these effective strategies for your next social media campaign.

Social SEO is the Key
While running paid social media marketing campaigns can be relatively costly for a small business, it is important to make sure you avoid neglecting the other important aspects of promoting your online presence such as social SEO. As you probably know, each social network today has its own underlying search engine, on which its users rely while searching for interesting or trending topics. Before going all in for your next social media campaign, ensure you can come up with a list of common keywords that your business can rank for easily and organically. These keywords can then be converted into hashtags when coming up with the subsequent campaign posts.

Know the Rules
After selecting the ideal platform for your social media campaign, the next step should revolve around familiarizing yourself with the rules of the platform on which you plan to run your marketing campaign. This will help you avoid dicey minefields such as the entire termination of your business online presence on the platform after inadvertently violating their rules of engagement. It can be difficult to persuade a social network to reinstate your profile and can result in having to restart your presence on the social platform from scratch.

Focus on mastery
It can be tempting to try to conquer every single social media platform. You may think that being present on lots of social media sites will mean increased exposure. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s a better bet to focus on a handful of platforms. If you concentrate your efforts to platforms where your customers already are, you’ll likely see better results.

Create a high-level social media marketing plan
Craft a high-level plan for each and every platform. Try to avoid plans that get too specific as these won’t help too much in the beginning. In fact, they can hinder the process. Draft a marketing plan for each platform based on your research. Set weekly and monthly goals such as acquiring ten new followers, expanding your reach by three percent, or communicating with twenty potential customers You can start on your social media marketing journey by doing your market research, finding which platforms your customers are on, and creating a high-level marketing plan for each and every platform. Fostering effective social media strategies means you’ll need to master the basics of social media research and communication. Use these eight tips to help you get your social media marketing and management off the ground.

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