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Did you know” these digital trends?

Did you know” these digital trends?

As we are 6 months down into 2019, the digital marketing graph has been inclined to a new level. Be it content marketing, Social media, SEO they are facing a dramatic shift. There are so many trends dominating the marketing sector, it is difficult to rank them in the order of preference.

The trajectory for digital landscape, or ‘cyberspace,’ has been steadily growing since the 1990’s, and now, just a few decades later, it is a major virtual environment for the vast majority of people on the planet. Terms like “FOMO”(Fear of Missing Out) and “FOBO”(Fear of being online) have secured their place in the oxford dictionary. The hash tag trend has also made a steady place not only on social media posts but also in our day to day communication.

Dive into the 5 trends to swim your way through this digital era-

Movie theatres are using QR codes to issue tickets to the movie watchers. Admission is given to the authorized ticket purchasers only. This has saved a lot of time and money as no more paper tickets are printed. It is convenient and also environment-friendly.

1. Voice search-
Hey Siri, what time is Mission Impossible playing tonight?
Alexa, find me a recipe for cheesecake.
Voice search has emerged as one of the leading trends in 2019. It is basically Voice Command a search, place etc. There are mainly two types of voice search: Those that are implemented by smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Homepod, Google Home and Microsoft’s Cortana which give searchers immediate voice answers to their questions and those that are installed in desktops and smart phones such as Siri and Google Assistant which display written search results.

Did You Know?
According to stats 58% of people use voice searches on daily basis. That is, 2 out of 5 people use it daily.
From the youngest to the oldest everybody has been using this trend, for their convenience of course. Instead of typing what you want to search, it is as easy as speaking to the phone. As a result, marketers can leverage these opportunities to deliver more targeted, specific content which leads to increase their click-through rates.

Virtual Reality Marketing-
Virtual Reality marketing is Virtually creating a reality which will help the retailers to market their products. It is a way to offer static or unreal environment to the virtual phone screen. Virtual reality is used to create brand awareness. Different filters are made related to a particular brand which are used by people in our day-to-day life.

Did you know?
The active users of virtual reality were 171 million by the year 2018
Now a days, even spectacle companies have created their virtual presence, where you can try the specs design i.e. frame and then order the same one. Virtual reality is taking baby steps and have managed to imprint their presence in the field of marketing.

Live Stories-
Remember the days, where cricket commentary used to be live on radio and all the ears were stitched to it. Then evolution of everything happened and now we can watch it live or even record matches to watch it later. Similarly, the most forthcoming trend today is Live stories. As it is the “Story” trend was and is one of the most popular things. Facebook and Instagram have come up with the “Live story update”.

Did you know?
48% of the people are engaged in watching live stories.
This trend is used for interaction with the audience and promotion of various things. It is like a video call you make to thousands of people. Well, the trends seems so far so good.

Artificial Intelligence-
Leading global leaders like Amazon, Google have been using AI or machine learning and this trend doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. Artificial intelligence is used large platforms and is an eminent part of the marketing world. AI allows marketers to anticipate future probable patterns of their customers based on collected data. This makes it easy for companies or organizations to strategize their further steps in this industry.

Did you know?
Artificial Intelligence is being adopted in various areas of our lives, it is predicted that it will replace 16% of our jobs over the next decade.

Several industries like food and beverage, ecommerce, life science and healthcare have started using AI. For instance, many food retailers use it to determine the best delivery times of their products. This is done by gathering data from different sources such as the weather, road traffic and temperature. According to technology experts, AI and machine learning are expected to penetrate various new areas in 2019, and see a new dawn by 2020.

Social Media Apps-
Social media isn’t restricted to only posting pictures or stories anymore. Social media has been used as a way to market products, rather making an undeniable existence in people’s lives. Social messaging apps can be very useful in sending messages to customers directly, as they allow personalization and add value to the users’ experience. This differs from the messenger chat bots. You’re actually able to market to customers using messaging apps now!

Did you know?
2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger every month.

It is easy to send messages and market products on social media as that is where most of the people spend their time every day. Being social isn’t only about meeting people it is making people meet your brand.

Therefore, digital marketing is stepping into its dancing shoes to steal the spotlight and establishing a unvarying position for the long run. .

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