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Everything you wanted to know about QR codes

Everything you wanted to know about QR codes

  • March 29, 2019
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What is a QR code?

A QR code or a Quick Reference code is a set of black and white squares in a unique pattern. They convey a meaning, text or most often a website URL. The unique arrangement of the squares inside may look very cryptic and complex to the human eye but is plain and simple to a specially designed QR code reader. Current mobile phone cameras are also equipped to read QR codes and display information present in the same.

Who use it?
All IT companies, especially product companies can use it to share information about their product or give specific links to their end users to download their product app from the respective app market place.

It is finding use in new industries as well such as travel, leisure and event management. Tickets are now in the form of QR codes present on mobile phones and emails. The special QR code scanners at the entrance of a train or bus station scan this code and allow entry to the authenticated travelers only.
Movie theatres are using QR codes to issue tickets to the movie watchers. Admission is given to the authorized ticket purchasers only. This has saved a lot of time and money as no more paper tickets are printed. It is convenient and also environment-friendly.

Why use a QR code?
There are a number of reasons to use this. Here is a quick list of the more important ones
1) It saves a lot of time for both, the issuer and the user of QR codes
2) A large amount of information can be stored in a small space
3) There is no room for error and miss spelled websites as the QR code is unique and points to only the website which it is created for.
4) There is no need to remember the URL or any other information. It makes life easier for the user.
5) It can make life easy for shoppers in malls and large outlets as the QR codes printed on items need to be scanned at the time of checking out to generate the final bill. Again a time saving and paper-saving approach to an eco-friendly future

The list is growing every day and innovative uses of a QR code keep surprising us. No wonder it might be used to start scanning faces and matching them with preregistered information in a QR code to record attendance in offices and workspaces. It may also be used in security installation and detention centers to ensure all is safe and secure.

How is it used?
Some of the popular uses of a QR code can be:
1. Provide a link to download the app in the app store.
2. Provide all the information and contact details of company representative on the visiting card
3. Advertising and promotions in exhibitions and conferences
4. Movie theatres can use QR codes to promote upcoming movies and send out links to trailers and teasers to their patrons who visit their movie halls regularly.
5. Companies can use QR codes to share product descriptions in printed brochures and product information sheets.

The users are many and keep increasing almost every day.

So what is the future?
Fingerprint scanners and facial ID may seem like the next steps but QR codes are here to stay. The amount of information that can be stored in a QR code may be limited to a few paragraphs or a website URL, but they sure are a useful thing to have around.

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