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Every Business should know these Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019

Every Business should know these Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019

  • November 07, 2019
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It’s not easy setting up a brand. With the commencement of this promising year, business owners and marketers should be concerned about the various ways to make their companies more successful in 2019. Finding ways to leverage their social media channels more feasible and effective is what every marketer’s goal should be! As of today, social media platforms provide a wide range of opportunities to any businesse’s to consistently express their brand value. If you want to lodge a complaint or even ask questions, social networks are the go-to platform! None of the enterprises can disregard the importance of its social media presence, as it influences the way people perceive its brand. So how can you augment your brand’s success in 2019? Listed down are a few online marketing trends and practices to follow for expanding your business.

Personalized marketing:
In this ever-growing digital world, where data is everything, companies are digging into their database for creating customized marketing campaigns, targeting the interests of individuals at different points in the buyer’s overall experience. The goal of this aspect of marketing is to fairly engage the customers or prospective customers by interacting with every individual.

Fall of Organic Reach & Rise of Paid Media
With the fall of organic reach, most companies will feel the need to invest in boosted posts, sponsored posts and social media ads if they want to stay at the top. Research shows that 77% of Page’s reach has been achieved through Promoted posts back in 2013! Just imagine the growth and evolution of paid promotions in 2019. Thankfully, social media advertising doesn’t really put a big hole in your pockets, as a small amount of investment can do wonders in this particular sector.

Voice Search
Verbal interaction with devices is the ‘NewAge Revolution’ in the world of technology. The real deal is talking and its convenience! Moreover, now machines are finally able to grasp the way individuals shop, search and discover new things! Nevertheless, this brings along some exciting challenges! Carrying out a voice search differs from a typing query, particularly in the results. Text-based search is still considered to provide more relevant search results than voice interaction, as voice interaction may only offer a few choices at the most, while text-based search displays one whole page as a search result, with various opportunities. Trends are contemporary and utterly dynamic in nature, and it surely doesn’t guarantee success. You should be aware of the latest social media trends, but before you start your marketing journey, make sure to evaluate the trend carefully. Consistency is the key to any marketing success, and blending it with the most trending aspect will undoubtedly ensure a favourable outcome for your business efforts.

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