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How Much Do SEO Agencies Charge

  • November 21, 2022
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How Much Do SEO Agencies Charge?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO as is commonly known) is a widely used term in the world of digital marketing. Unfortunately, though every company wants to rank on the first page of Google and Bing, the reason why most are unable to, is because they are not guided right, or because they are charged way more than the average price for SEO services required, and lost faith not seeing any measurable results.

Growing Demand in SEO Services

The demand for SEO is at an all-time high, and is growing day-by-day. With a company’s online presence becoming a deciding factor for its success, and the rise in competition, it is imperative for companies to find cost-effective SEO services for long-term. SEO being a must for online superiority, companies who shy away from undertaking SEO for their websites will soon be outranked and run over by competition.

The simple solution to this is to team up with an experienced SEO service provider or agency, who can help you with low-cost SEO services for small business or larger corporations. But how do you choose the best SEO services agency within budget and how much do SEO services cost? Read along to find out these answers.

SEO Services Pricing

SEO, being an intangible asset, can range on different factors and one can get a wide spectrum of pricing. Sometimes, the prices can be too good to be true, whereas at other times, you may feel they are exorbitant. In our experience, there is a little truth to both. SEO is labour-intensive work and requires critical research and execution. The pricing can also depend majorly on personal expectations.

Ways to Look at SEO Services Pricing

In general, there are 4 different ways to look at SEO Services pricing:

Low-cost SEO Services

A potential red flag. Either the package includes basic SEO activities and content management services, or the SEO provider may lack experience, or be using short-cut methods.

Mid-range SEO Services

A safe bet when the SEO budget is low. Mid-range SEO services can provide results, as they include more SEO activities and invest a decent amount of time. However, for mid-range services, it is important to judge the trustworthiness of the agency or SEO provider.

High-end SEO Services

Most useful for a niche market. If you plan on making SEO as your primary sales channel, then high-end SEO services can help you generate a really good amount of traffic, condition to the fact that the agency or provider has the capabilities.

Enterprise SEO Services

Dependability to reach out to maximum people and with all activities included. An enterprise level SEO service provider who can offer dedicated services to your organization, to provide large volumes of content and SEO activities on regular basis.

What Factors Affect the Cost of SEO Services?

Be it low-cost SEO services for small businesses, or high-end SEO services, the price range depends on different parameters that need to be taken into consideration for effective SEO. Here are a few factors that can affect how much it costs for SEO services:

Business size & type

SEO services depend on the size of the company and what kind of services they provide. Right from business name, to its location, product line, website quality and the nature of offerings, based on these factors, the price of SEO may change.

Efforts Needed

An SEO expert will always charge you according to the number of hours that are required. It also depends on competitor standings, the efforts needed to carry out different activities, the expertise and the timelines in which rankings need to be achieved.

Your Target Audience

The average price for SEO services may depend on the demography that needs to be targeted. If the product or service is targeted for a niche market, or if the target crowd is less, then the pricing of SER services may go up accordingly.

SEO Skill Set & Expertise

In an obvious way, a more experienced SEO agency or SEO provider will charge more, as they have credibility of past results and also the experience needed. Dependability comes at a higher price and it’s the same for SEO services as well.

SEO Goals

The pricing of SEO service will also depend on the goals that need to be achieved, and the resources allocated. The number of words and Content management, number of digital marketers working on a particular site, etc. all come into consideration in SEO pricing.

Paid & Free Off-Page SEO Activities

There are more than 200 on-page and off-page activities that need to be done in SEO. Some of them are paid, while others are free. When pricing for SEO, the SEO provider will take into consideration all the activities that would be needed for the best outcomes, and price accordingly.

SEO Tools

Many paid tools are available in the market today, that SEO experts can use to help them in their activities. However, these are additional costs to the total SEO pricing, based on how they are used.

SEO Pricing Models

With the options of more and more digital marketing agencies growing, flexibility in payment has become a norm. Businesses can choose the provider that suits their budget and terms of payment. In general, there are three types of payment options available for businesses:

Monthly SEO billing

The most commonly practiced billing method is monthly billing cycle. Based on the necessary activities to achieve SEO Goals, a monthly pricing is fixed between the provider and client, but the project time-period remains undefined and continues as long as needed.

Project-based or Fixed price

In this method, the SEO goals are set and the complete payment is made by the client upfront, or in instalments, as different milestones is reached. This kind of billing works for smaller businesses with a limited budget, as they know exactly how much they will be charged.

Hourly SEO Pay

Just like monthly billing, SEO providers may charge on hourly basis. This leads to shorter billing cycles and can be weekly or bi-weekly, based on the comfort of the customer as well as the provider.

How Much Should You Spend On SEO Services?

Though fixing a budget on SEO is a tricky situation, a good SEO provider will help you to understand how SEO works and what goes in carrying out the activities. However, while calculating the average price for SEO Services, you can decide based on some of the different factors as given:

Your Expectations of Results

The faster you want results, the more activities need to be performed, resulting in higher pricing.

Credibility of the Agency

The more renowned the agency or SEO service provider, the higher the costs.

Your target Audience

If your target-audience is niche, then the pricing might increase, based on how to approach them.

Affordable SEO Services in Pune

In the end, the incurred costs of SEO services need to be justified with results. SEO is an ongoing process, that takes time to show its effects, and providing the trust to the client remains the responsibility of the agency. Being an experienced digital marketing agency, MAD Designs is able to provide affordable SEO services in Pune, that has helped many businesses to rank their websites on the top in Google and Bing.
If you are looking for a trusted branding agency providing SEO Services, feel free to connect with us at

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