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Difference between Content Writing and Blogging

Difference between Content Writing and Blogging

  • April 23, 2021
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Content Marketing has been the buzz word on everyone’s lips for a while now, but a lot of people still don’t understand how it really differs from brand blogging.

Content continues to be the backbone of an integrated digital approach to marketing. That means it also needs strategy behind it so that it reaps the rewards you’re looking for. The truth is that blogging and Content Marketing each offer audiences something completely different.

In short, blogging helps tell a story about your company and lets customers know that you care; while Content Marketing provides useful content that speaks to those customers at different buying stages and helps to drive traffic to your site. Still confused? Let’s break it down.

To the untrained eye, content may just look like content. But to those in the thick of it, the difference between blogging and Content Marketing becomes quite clear. In general, Content Marketing campaigns are larger in scale than a simple blog post. The content is also generally used in a much more integrated way. It can help drive subscriptions and foster backlinks. Even Digital PR uses content in order to create stories, with journalists using branded content in a large portion of their articles (see post here on the relationship between PR and Content). By selling into key influencers in your industry, you can attract organic links to your site and reap the rewards in the form of bolstered SEO, brand awareness and traffic to your site.

Key Differences are-
1. Editing-
Editing Articles are usually written for large publications and go through a thorough editing cycle to make sure that there aren’t any errors. On the other hand, blogs are usually self-published or go through minimal editing.

2. Length and style-
The most noticeable difference between a blog and an article is the difference in writing style and the length of the piece. Blogs can range anywhere from 300 to 1000 words, but articles are often much lengthier. Depending on the publication, the standard length of an article can vary from 1500 to 5000 words.

The writing style for blogs has a very casual tone to it. It’s often short and doesn’t include too many words that are hard to grasp. Content aims to emulate literature in a journalistic style while blogs aim to get the point across in commonly used language and terminology.

Blogging and Content Marketing are two different forms of branded content, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. Both are important and both serve a different role when speaking to customers. When summed up, blogging aims to showcase a brand’s personality, while Content Marketing aims to create a demand through useful information.

If you’re currently blogging, it’s also important to develop other content marketing tactics, like social media, email marketing and producing multimedia content. These can build on the success of your blog to drive stronger overall results from your content marketing.

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