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Social media is the best and easiest way to reach your target audience and start a two-way conversation. Mad Designs, a Top Social Media Marketing company in Pune, has the necessary knowledge, skills, and knowledge to create the right strategy to retain your customers by providing them with relevant and reliable content.

With over 3 billion social media users present, you need to have an active and positive presence to build your brand. These platforms offer great viral marketing power to your contacts and content. Being the best social media marketing company in Pune, Mad Designs will provide you with targeted and customized solutions to enter this 'Viral Power' of your business. Our communication marketing strategies are tested on different networks and are constantly updated to keep up with the changing trends of social media.

  • There are approximately 3.725 billion active users on social media.
  • The average time a person spends on social media is about 142 minutes a day.
  • About 54% of B2B advertisers claim to have generated leads from various communication channels.
  • Approximately 645 million people worldwide view local business pages on FB each week.

The whole world has passed on to their cell phones. Insane Designs Understand that "YOUR BRAND SHOULD BE WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS" Our SMM campaigns are designed to differentiate user engagement across platforms. Through our specialized and focused services, we bring your product directly to work with your audience to create/increase fans who can turn into tracks. Our team continues to establish our company's position as the best social media marketing company in Pune, India.


Mad Designs is an excellent social marketing company in Pune. Our mission is to work with startups, medium-sized businesses, and products to help them grow in the digital world. Hold hands with our leading social media marketing services to turn unconventional browsers into potential customers for your business! Our team focuses on strategies and strategies for making the best use of various communication platforms to develop a highly engaging online community with interactive and unique content. In Mad Designs, our team lives, lives, and breathes social media. That's why our communications marketing experts are coming up with ideas to help your product stand out.

The telecommunications market is growing, and believe us here, HERE TO STAY. So, our 'Social Boffins' see ways to make your business interesting and effective, truly caring. Posting boring photos is not something we do. We are here to help you ACCESS, INFLUENCE, and engage your target audience. We stand out because of our team and the strategies they use. Our team uses the following to ensure the success of your product on social media:

  • We use simple CRM tools to provide daily updates to build and manage healthy business relationships with our customers.
  • Our team has special members in all domains who ensure maximum return on your investment.
  • Customer support is our priority. We have a team dedicated to ensuring the best and most effective communication.

To help you track your progress, we provide our clients with regular weekly and monthly updates