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Future of Mobility

Electric vehicles are the future of vehicles with many advantages over conventional vehicles like, no need to visit the gas station, no oil, no exhaust, etc. Electric vehicles are noiseless and have several environmental benefits compared to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. They have lower operating and maintenance costs, produce little or no local air pollution, reduce dependence on petroleum and also have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric motors are significantly more efficient than internal combustion engines as less energy is required to operate an EV. Lastly, electric vehicles are mechanically much simpler and are predicted to have a longer useful life, which can be beneficial for the environment.


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They thought it was a task to create and promote a new brand that is into electric two-wheelers. Especially in a market where other brands that run on petrol are aggressive and potential vehicles weigh more when it comes to buying a vehicle. After brand consulting sessions and researching everything that is required for a brand to thrive fell in place.


Their approach towards us creating their online presence and brand identity in the electric market. They wanted to create awareness for their new venture with the help of digital marketing and a few campaigns. They wanted to promote their presence online and also create awareness and publish their work in the newspaper as well.

Work done

Brand consultation was done to create awareness about the importance of a good website. Creative designs for brochures, standees were made. An e-commerce website was designed according to the requirements of the clients, they were very impressed with the amount of dedication and hard work put in. Their presentations were designed. The content was delivered according to the requirements.


Successful strategies and the right consultation resulted into a passive awareness of Rowwet mobility. We helped them in creating an online presence on all social media platforms. Social media strategies helped them generate leads and generate social recognition. Creative content for brochures, standees was also curated. Content strategies for the development of social media marketing. A good brand consultancy had lead to a successful brand graph.

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