Kri Yoga, Thailand
Digital Marketing ( SEO & SMM ), Web Design
Brand Revamp
Digital Marketing : ongoing, Website revamp : 8 weeks

About Project

Kriyoga was one of the founder of Yoga schools in Thailand.The authentic methods at KRI YOGA yoga classes in Bangkok bring about a proper balance and unfold your dormant potential, creating opportunities for a new, happy and joyful life. It is the Yoga for the 21st century built on the foundations of 5,000-year-old physical and mental science combined with the wisdom of Ayurveda.

The Challenge

Kriyoga was one of the founder of Yoga schools in Thailand. Growing competition forced them to focus on marketing & positioning themselves right in the market.

The challenge before us was to work with an established brand, delve into its rich legacy and position it a notch higher. It called for a deep understanding of what KRIYOGA stood for and where we could take the brand.

The Solution

Brain storming sessions were to analyse how important a good website can be for their business. Creative designs for brochures, standees were made. A website was designed according to the requirements of the clients, they were extremely impressed by the results as it was designed according to their requirements. Photo shoots and Video shoots was done and the pictures and videos turned out to be the clients favorite part. Content was delivered according to the requirements.SEO was implemented for higher google rankings which has led to positive results.

The Result.

Website ranking has improved and the social media content has created a lot of engagement with the users and followers. The brochures and marketing material has helped generate a lot of interest with the prospects and the walk-in's for classes has resulted in higher sign-ups. When we started brand consultancy with Kriyoga, the first thing we noticed was that the competition was also working very hard to become visible. Our focused approach and customer-centric strategy extended their identity from brochures to a website to social media content in a successful way.

The results started showing within two months and there was a big increase in website traffic. From 3,000 unique visitors per month, traffic jumped to 25,000 unique visitors per month.

"The team at MAD Designs is like a wisp of fresh air. What impress me about them is, that every single time they understand what our brand really want, suggest brilliant campaign ideas and manage to execute it seamlessly. "

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