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Being referenced on the 1st page of Google is generally a promise of free and quality traffic over the long term. Getting to the 1st page may require more or less effort depending on your industry, your competition and your current SEO strategy.

The SEO optimization of your website and its multimedia content improves your SEO results, month after month. We generally proceed with a complete audit of your SEO, then establish clear recommendations, which we put in place in the order of priority according to their expected impact on your ranking and the traffic generated.

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SEO Is Important For Business Growth in 2023

You have probably already realized the importance of having a good SEO position in Pune, in another city, or even at a national or global level.

Without a good position in search engines, your website will reach very few people and will limit your results. A good position in search engines will guarantee an increase in your customers, and in the end, your sales.

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Our SEO Services

Competition Analysis

You need to know what the competition is doing and where they stand to beat them in the game of SEO.

In-Depth SEO Audit

We audit the entire website thoroughly for all the issues and status to determine the best strategy to move forward.

Keywords & Search Analysis

We analyze the most relevant keywords and categorize them according to difficulty, volume, and potential.

On-Page SEO

Actions on-page such as content creation, images optimization, structure, improving UI & UX by decreasing page load time, etc.

Technical SEO

Optimization of websites and blogs to ensure proper crawling and indexing of content by search engine algorithm.

Off-Page Optimization

These are the actions that are carried out outside our web page, such as, for example, links from other pages to ours or the presence on social networks.

Voice Search SEO

SEO strategies for voice searches are not based on positioning some keywords, but on resolving user questions and doubts.

Content Writing and Marketing

SEO content is different from regular content – it is not only aimed at catching the attention of the user but the search engines also.

Creates Smart Backlink Strategy

It encompasses following smart and good practices to get other pages to recommend your website or blog.

Mobile-First SEO Strategy

Revolutionary growth in mobile penetration in India is well chronicled. Obviously, the majority of the searches come from mobiles in India and other parts of the world.


We share a detailed report to you of the actions and their results, each month, in an easily understandable language and format.

UI/UX Optimization

The SXO mixes SEO and UX. Its main objective is to optimize the user experience when searching on Google.

Our Process

#1 Analysis of your current digital strategy from an SEO perspective

We start by creating a digital strategy: your brand, your products, your segments, and your customers. We then convert your business objectives into measurable digital objectives, and establish an overview of your competition, to understand your strategic challenges and priorities. This preliminary work is crucial and will lay the solid foundations necessary for the smooth running of the following steps.

#2 SEO performance analysis of your website

Search engine optimization starts with your website, the quality of the content on it, the architecture of the site and links (incoming, internal, outgoing), accessibility to robots, the structure of pages, metadata and schema, server redirections, mobile responsiveness, site speed, etc.…

#3 SEO analysis of your digital competition

Do you know which of your competitors is well referenced on Google for the keywords you are targeting? Do you know which one focuses more on an SEO strategy and therefore on acquiring organic traffic? Do you know why they are so well placed? We help you answer these questions. Analyzing your competition is a crucial step that helps us understand who the search engines are comparing you to, how your competitors are performing and why they are getting such results.

#4 Creation and monitoring of your master-list of SEO keywords

You may have a clear idea of ​​your customers' queries on Google, and the terms for which you would like to be better referenced in search results. It's time to test this list of keywords, compare search volumes and SEO difficulty, and see which keywords represent real opportunities for your brand. Let's also talk about a majority of your future search traffic: the long tail. Selecting these long-form keywords will allow us to prioritize content production and improvement, as well as optimize your site.

#5 Study of ways to improve the content

Once your priorities have been established, it's time to move on to creating content, showcase your expertise, and be useful to visitors looking to learn more. Writing a blog, posting a video, or adding a few details to a page occasionally is unfortunately not enough. An editorial schedule will help you achieve consistency and regularity. However, it is the quality and differentiation of your content, judged for its ability to answer your visitors' questions, which will play a key role in your search engine optimization strategy. It is often said that you need to be “ten times better” than the top results if you want a sustainable SEO strategy.

#6 Analysis of your backlinks and opportunities

Establishing a pragmatic link-building plan allows you to improve the credibility of your site. Indeed, when authoritative external sites cite you (through a link), this can have a very positive impact on your SEO. From a more “human” point of view, it's about transferring your interpersonal network of customers, suppliers, and the rest of your ecosystem to the digital sphere. Inspiring trust and establishing legitimacy on the web is ultimately very similar to what you already know how to do outside of digital. We help you identify the most successful digital connections and make the necessary connections.

#7 Integrating your SEO. into a larger inbound strategy

Stimulating the interest of your visitors and customers on your site and social networks will help you build your brand and your digital presence, and establish yourself as a reference in your field. Think of it this way: if your website and networks are active, rich in content and features – if they are really useful and practical for your prospects and customers – then there is no doubt that users will come back, share and talk about your products. This is perhaps the most general, but not the least powerful element of your SEO strategy.

#8 SEO post-click conversion rate optimization

Optimizing your referencing (SEO) is a necessary approach today for any company that has an online presence. If you apply your strategy with persistence and regularity, and if you adapt to what works or not, you should quickly see the first results. These results will accumulate and after a few months, you will be proud of your progress and your traffic. But what is it for? You need to make sure you can keep your visitors, and convert them into customers.

Why work with MAD Designs, the best SEO agency in Pune?

Your digital strategy will count on the entire MAD Design team to – Analyze and make the necessary improvements to your website, known as on-page SEO & help you build links through social media or content marketing that strengthen your domain. The SEO strategy at MAD Design always follows the search engine guidelines. We advocate a medium and long-term strategy, known as white-hat SEO so that your brand has the greatest security.


SEO or search engine optimization is the continuous process that is carried out to improve the visibility of our website in organic search results.

The main reason is that your competitors are there, and they can more easily show their content, products, and services.

SEO will allow us to ensure that our potential buyers find the business when they search for the brand or its products or services in search engines such as Google or Bing.

Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy. By increasing search engine rankings you will increase website traffic and achieve business goals. In the opposite case, by not being well positioned, it is as if you did not exist because nobody is going to find you.

Our goal when we work on SEO at MAD Designs is for your brand to have the highest degree of exposure possible, taking advantage of the high number of searches that are carried out every day, the vast majority of which do not go beyond the first page of results.

It requires patience. Gaining visibility in search engines is a long-term effort. Improving the quality of SEO is not a magic button by which you can get in the first position quickly.

On the contrary, you will notice an increase in qualified traffic on your website because we will appear just when the person is interested in the service or product that we are managing to position, which will allow you to improve the return on investment.

We study your company, your sector to delve into the possibilities.

One of our strengths is the time we dedicate to understanding your company, your products, and your services. We can't identify who your potential online buyer is in search marketing without having a good understanding of what you sell or what you do for your customers.

This way everything is aligned with your corporate culture and message. This analysis allows us to create a tailored strategy to get the most out of our work.

Doing a deep word search to understand how our potential buyers are finding us.

Analysing the competition to find possible niches that are not being worked on and in which we can position ourselves more easily.

Work SEO On-page. Facilitating the indexing of our page is the basis for being able to improve. We will make proposals for website optimization.

Off-page SEO work. Carrying out promotions outside the site that help generate more traffic and authority through link-building strategies.

Proposing or making the creation of content that you want to be shared to improve the authority of the website.

When we talk about Google as the search engine par excellence, we do so with the knowledge that it is one of the most competitive platforms today, capable of generating great traffic for our business.

We want to help you get to the top 10! We know that climbing the ranks becomes difficult as you get closer to the top, even if you have great content.

The goal today is not just to have a beautiful and pleasantly designed website with little effort. But the goal is to get your content to as many people as possible and ultimately generate revenue from it. That is already different! It is not easy and the ideal is that there is a team of professionals who are in charge of making it happen because an error can bring with it important penalties that damage the achievements achieved so far.

You already have your blog or page ready, but what position is it located in the search engines? Do you have daily visitors? How many? Do you write regularly and your content is of value to the user, but still the website does not have the traffic you expect?

We know what the reason is! We specialize in SEO White Hat solutions to position your brand.

Positioning yourself in search engines is one of the cheapest ways to get clients. Not to mention the profitability of an already positioned website and all the time and effort that it saves you by leaving it in the hands of professionals. You would be generating income and expanding your client portfolio with a single initial investment.

Frequently, most websites are focused on a specific and concrete audience, however, in many niches, the expansion could become international. At MAD Designs, we will conduct a study of your competition, regardless of location, to identify the appropriate elements to develop in your sector and use powerful strategies to position yourself successfully as soon as possible.

When you choose a digital marketing agency that knows what it does, you will be making it more difficult for your competition to occupy those long-awaited top positions in search engine optimization.

The market will be widely turned in your favor due to the lack of an opponent that offers and makes visible what you are capable of offering in your sector.

Well, the people who buy your product or service will most likely continue to be long-term consumers. Strategies focused on loyalty create a strong bond between the customer and the brand.

To achieve all this you need a lot of effort, dedication, and knowledge. MAD Designs puts at your disposal all its resources and trained personnel to optimize the results of your website as much as possible and in the shortest possible time.

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