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FAQs on Branding

‘Branding’ has become such a common term, that people now a days take it for granted. Be it a businessman, an employee, a freelancer or a customer. Any chitchat over coffee definitely ends up with ‘branding’ being the topic of discussion. But that is all that they remain; endless discussions. Everyone may be saying ‘Branding is important. It is necessary for the growth of business.” But how many can actually tell what is required to be done.

Here are a few FAQ’s on Branding which may help you to get a clearer picture about what you need to know exactly:

- Where do I begin?

If you have started thinking on these lines, it is a great start. When we say branding, it doesn’t end at your logo (the usual cliché of ‘A logo is not a Brand’). But it does start there. Your logo tells your story. It fortifies your identity. It provides guidelines for your brand, like your colour, personality, etc. It is the first message which you give to your customers about you. It is your introduction. So start with a great logo and follow it up with what your brand’s personality is. Your vision, mission, values, ethics and persona must be in place for this.

- His strategy worked for him. Can I use the same branding strategy for myself?

To be blunt, it may work that way, but the chances are real slim. Your strategy must be based on what your business is, what your target audience is, what you want to achieve, your resources, your USP and so on… All these factors never remain same for two businesses. Thus, the change needed in your Branding Strategy.

- Shall I go for a Branding Agency or Shall I hire in-house? What is best?

There are merits to both the sides. It all depends on how much work needs to be done. While an in-house team lets you have complete control over your activities, it adds to your task-list and increases you involvement, thus taking up your time. An agency, on the other hand, helps you to hire multiple skills and manpower in a reduced cost. Also, the agency definitely can spend the dedicated time needed on your behalf and also bring in unorthodox ideas to the table.

- I know what’s best for my company. Do I need a Brand Consultant?

We all have to agree that we have our own set of skill-sets. A brand consultant is one who has an in-depth knowledge of branding. You may know what’s best for your company. But the brand consultant helps you see what’s the latest market trend, as well as what will be the best way to approach your customers. Branding is a complete mix and match of your company’s personality with the outside world. This is perfectly balanced by a Brand Consultant.

- Does Branding cost a lot? What are my options of cost-effective branding?

Branding is definitely not a one-time cost, nor is it cheap. But it is a necessary investment. The best way to go about it is by takig baby steps and having a dedicated amount to progress over the time. There are some ‘must-haves’ which need to be invested in. Your logo, your website, your online presence, etc. are something which increases your value tremendously. And though there are cheaper options available, it is best not to compromise here. Apart from these, you can plan according to your budget how to go ahead once the basics are in place.

Branding it right the first time helps you to get assured ROIs and also helps you build a strong identity. You may talk to people around you but, frankly speaking, all they can give is advice and not guidance. In case you really are serious about branding and want to know more, you can connect with MAD Designs and get better insights.

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