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What to Look For in Your Content Writer

Branding and Advertising is such an awesome field! Where else could you say something completely irrelevant and be appreciated for it… In today’s world, every company is trying to stand apart from the crowd. But how can they, when the tools available to them are the same as everyone else? Everyone is adept to social media. Each one has their own website. Making an advertisement or doing outright selling is not limited to only a handful. Then what makes the customer choose one company over its competitors? The answer lies in words.

Words are powerful. History is proof of how words have helped build empires, as well as how they have been devastating when used in a haphazard manner. They can be applauded by the audience or ignored. No wonder companies today are willing to pay a fortune for those who can come up with the right words for them.

Content writing has flourished in the branding industry due to its need. Even as freelancers or individual writers, social media today is thriving with bloggers, digital marketers, copyrighters, authors and ghostwriters. But what does the industry look for in a content writer? Surely it’s not just a good command over English. If that was the case, most of the companies could have done it themselves. After all, India is known to be a well-educated country. Also, an English speaking employee + Google + Grammarly would have sufficed to get things done. But that’s not how the ball rolls, right?

A content writer is expected to have a specific skill-set, apart from good English (as well as any other language). It’s always a mix of these ‘factors’ which make content writing challenging. Here are a few which you can look for in your content writer, the next time you plan on hiring one:

- Being original:

Does this even need to be said? Who would like to fall prey to plagiarism or want their customers to know them as ‘copy cats’? Originality is always appreciated and is something which will never go out of style.

- Imagination and Ideation:

For a content writer, these are a must! After all, Branding runs on ideas. And content is expressing these ideas in words. Just imagine, if you have to hire a person and then continuously monitor him to get the job done; not a pretty picture, right?

- Being Grammatically Correct:

There is a huge difference in having a good command over the spoken word and writing. Punctuations and grammatical errors are the heart and soul of writing. A writer who is not well-adept with grammar can make your company look bad, maybe even at the most inappropriate time.

- Working within rules:

A writer may be good, but he needs to be able to follow the required guidelines. It may be restrictions on time, number of words, regional differences (example UK and US English) or anything else; a good writer is able to adapt.

- Understanding the market:

As a writer, one needs to be aware of the fact – directly or indirectly, he/she is writing to attract the customers! He may be tempted to use new jargons or superfluous words (like ‘superfluous’) in his writing to impress his audience. But it might not always be necessary. Even simple words can create a long-lasting impact on customers, if used in the right manner.

There may be other such criteria which may decide the capabilities of a writer. But these 5 top the list, any time. If you are not keen on hiring a full-time content writer, you can approach branding agencies to provide you with writing services. Agencies like MAD Designs who usually have a complete team of content writers at their disposal. To know more, you can visit them at www.maddesigns.in.

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