Establishing an online presence, Increasing brand exposure, Designing Email communication & Mobile App Content, Overall Handling of Social Media Accounts, Content Writing & Proofreading
Calendars, Videos, Posts, Contests, Polls

About Project

IAMIN World promotes Financial Literacy through comic educational episodes and Numberless Prepaid Cards.

Despite being a startup, the company had well-developed plans for executing its product (Mobile Application) for kids and teens in Grade 1 to 12. With the our help, the company designed its virtual appearance from scratch and increased its brand exposure by more than x2 times.

The Challenge
  • Budget Constraints of a startup company
  • Parallelly managing the execution of
  • Strategizing delivery
  • Optimizing social media campaigns for better reach
  • Creating a web design for enticing parents and kids equalling

Starting from scratch, MAD Designs was blessed with the creative freedom to create a website that stands out in the industry. For this project, we took a comprehensive approach to create the online presence of the brand.

Our priorities were chalked out as:
  • Web development
  • Content writing for webpages
  • Web design
  • Social profile creation
  • Designing Social Media Calendar
  • Researching the best time and days to post on each platform
  • Creating a Social Media Campaign for advertisements
  • Designing custom videos for social media
  • Designing email templates and content
  • Content for in-app notifications
  • Organic Marketing
  • Inorganic Marketing

Within 3 months of MAD Designs x IAMIN World, the collaboration generated these jaw-dropping results.

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