QR Codes are getting acceptance widely in industries in place of the regular Barcodes. It's safer, it's smarter and, if you get it done from us, it's completely personalized. We provide all kinds of QR Code services in Pune - right from digital to printable QR Codes.

QR Codes can be used in diverse ways to smartly communicate with the target market. The Indian market is the second biggest market to access internet through their smart phones. A QR Code gives businesses access to penetrate this market.

Website URL, visiting cards, PDFs, Social Media Links and lots more can be shared. The code can be printed in fliers, brochures, merchandise, panels or any kind of print media. It can also be circulated on digital platforms like whatsapp, facebook, e-mailers, etc. It is safe and provides convenience for giving out a large amount of information in very little space.

We provide customization to your QR Codes based on your requirements. Colour changes according to background colours, embedded logo inside the QR Code, multiple size options, flexibility and options in usage and lots more to look out for.

So get your Customized QR Code developed by us today!

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