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Suave - Client of MAD Designs

The urban jungle that we live in often makes us forget the natural beauty around us. As we get busy in our day to day lives, we realize how the absence of greenery and natural plants in our homes, offices and even on the busy streets, has an effect on our well-being. Suave Succulents is an endeavor to enter this urban jungle with our very own collection of succulents and fill up as much of the concrete spaces as we can, with our tiny green friends.


Main roles


Launch project

Suave Succulents
Suave Brand Identity By MAD Designs
Graphic Designing Work by MAD Designs

The challenge.

They started on the venture of filling our Hearts Green.

The challenge they faced was that they didn't focus on branding and their brand awareness, until they realized the importance of it. They did not have any platform to promote their work or showcase their products. They wanted their products and services to be available and that people can order their products.


Their approach towards us for creating their online presence. They wanted to create awareness for their organization with the help of designing a website. They wanted to make an attractive and impressive e-commerce website for people to know about their work. They wanted to promote their presence online and also create awareness and publish their work in magazines as well.

Work Done

Brand consultation was done to create awareness about the importance of a good website. Creative designs for brochures, standees were made. An e-commerce website was designed according to the requirements of the clients, they were very impressed with the amount of dedication and hard work put in. A photo shoot was done and the pictures turned out to be the clients favorite part. Their editorials were designed . Content was delivered according to the requirements.

The result.

Successful strategies and the right consultation resulted in a passive awareness of suave succulents. Photo shoots were done, which added edge We helped them in creating an online presence. Created creative content for brochures, standees was also curated. Content strategies for the development of social media marketing. A good website has now become one of their assets.

Suave Succulents - Website Designed By MAD Designs

The results started showing within two months and there was a big increase in website traffic. From 3,000 unique visitors per month, traffic jumped to 25,000 unique visitors per month.

Our client is happy.

"The team at MAD Designs is like a wisp of fresh air. What impress me about them is, that every single time they understand what our brand really want, suggest brilliant campaign ideas and manage to execute it seamlessly. "

-Neelam Nohwar,

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