Is your brand message powerful, precise; yet capturing the essence of your true style and voice? Are you attracting the desired clientele?

Or do you feel the need for change?

We invite you to roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps, and take the much needed time to reflect and self-discover on branding your business, the right way.

Most of the brands fail because they lack proper understanding of branding. People usually confuse Brand with Branding, Sales with Marketing and so on. THE BRANDING WORKSHOP is designed to get a clarity of thoughts on all aspects of Brand and branding.

This is an opportunity for you, as an entrepreneur, businessman or as part of a company, to learn skills required in successful Branding. The workshop is a blend of creative ideas, mind-stimulating activities and thought-provoking discussions, under the guidance of industry experts.

Many leaders struggle to articulate what their brand stands for in the market beyond generic ideas like “better service” and “better product.” They are not clear on where they want to go, why they do, what they do, or how to align, inspire and direct everyone in the company to live the brand.

Who Should Attend?

If you

  • Are launching a new brand
  • Wish to reposition your brand
  • Transform your business to a BRAND
  • CEOs/ Directors
  • Entrepreneurs/ Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Brand Managers,
  • Sales Professionals
  • Public Relations (PR) Professionals,
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Business Consultants

-What To Expect?

The Workshop has been designed, keeping in mind the need of today's businesses and their presence in the market. Competition is ever prevailing and branding plays a major differentiator for businesses. The endeavor of the workshop is to make entrepreneurs understand the importance of right branding and to refrain them from making basic mistakes.

Post the workshop, you’ll walk away with a brand framework, which will encapsulate the foundational elements - the essence - of your brand :

  • Crisp and clear individual brand identity statements: Brand Purpose, Brand Vision, Brand Mission
  • A personalized brand strategy roadmap
  • Crystallized dream customer
  • Revitalized marketing vision

When and where is it scheduled ?

Date : 9th August 2017
Time : 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs
Venue : Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, Apte Road, Pune, India

Key Facilitators


Rupinder Kaur

Rupinder is a Results Coach, a thought leader and a facilitator guiding and transforming leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, teams and individuals through coaching and training. Rupinder has catered to top brands from 21 different industries, globally, in last 15 years for accelerating performance to meet business objectives.She designs and delivers uncommonly transformative and enjoyable learning events. Her ‘brain-based’ approach in delivery brings out the best in people and their thinking for strategic clarity and higher performance.


Mohana Basran

Mohana is the Founder and Director of MAD Designs, an organization that helps business owners and corporates build ‘brands’ out of businesses.
A provocative business thinker, Mohana advises her clients to lead the market through innovative approach ensuring future competitiveness. Her creative artwork and designs have been faces of many renowned brands in multiple industries. A brand consultant, a creative artist, a negotiator, an entrepreneur and a visionary may be just a few from the list of words which can describe her persona.