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TRUTH OR DARE - The Brand Changing Game

The most vital task for you, as a brand, is to decide your sales strategy. How do you sell your product? What will attract consumers to you and not to your competitor?

Broadly, everything boils down to just two options - Truth or Dare.

If you opt to say the truth, make it a point that it is impressive enough for your products/services to sell. This means that either your product is the best or has a unique advantage over the others.

But are you actually promising the moon and selling it too. Chances are rare. Sooner or later, people will find out and your brand will lose its glory. So, saying the truth isn�t always possible.

The second and the only strategy to succeed is- DARE. Dare to experiment. Dare to defy conventions. Dare to not tread on the known land. Dare to bring your ideas to life. Dare to be different.

Look around you. Everyone who has made it to the top list dared to dare.

Dannijo, a fashion jewellery and accessory brand led by two sisters Danielle and Jodie Synder have a fan following of more than 1.46 lacs on Instagram. To promote their brand, they came up with a really interesting video series Conversation Pieces. These videos feature an inspirational conversation between one of the sisters and a celebrity and narrate beautiful stories that connect the brand with its consumers in an incredible way.

Paperboat, a distinct name in the beverage industry' became a success by making its consumers nostalgic. Every product had a story of its own which tickled the masses and resonated with their childhood experiences. The differential approach helped the brand to penetrate and create a mark in a sector which was otherwise ruled by dominant players.

Other brands like Minnetonka, Nike, Zillow, Marriot's ATTHEMOXY have all pierced through traditional brand building and dared to do thing their own way.

Want to try something of your own? Here are some ways:

  • Bring your idea to life - If you have an original idea which you think is worth a try, build on it. It can be a product, a service or just a concept. Start from the scratch, take opinions, measure its possibilities, calculate the risks and after you are done with all these, just take the plunge. History has it that the most insane ideas have fetched best results.
  • Genius Story-telling - Sometimes, all that you have to do is present it right. You might be selling an awesome product but with a terrible packaging. The story-telling can make a lot of difference. Good brand stories transform a product to an experience; one that every consumer dreams to be a part of.
  • Social Cause - Does your brand resonate or stand up for a social cause? Women empowerment, equality, slum-education- it can be anything. If your brand is closely linked to any of these good causes, the cause can become your unique selling point. Humans are empathetic beings and are naturally pulled towards brands that give back to the community. Think about it.
  • Humour and emotions - Who doesn't like to laugh? Good humoured campaigns cango a long way in building your brand value. Same applies to ones that invoke positive emotions amongst consumers.

However, no matter what path you choose, the end-game lies in the equilibrium of being somewhere in between the balancing act. A company courageous enough to do something different cannot get away without telling the truth. Similarly, companies which choose to tell the truth need to be gutsy in their actions till a certain limit. It is this balancing act which filters out the premier from the crowd.

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