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The necessary ingredients for a perfect logo

As a designer, one of the biggest challenges lies in creating that perfect logo. While one half of the corporate population happens to be under the “whatever!” attitude, there is the other half which understands the dire importance of a well-designed logo.

The aim of a logo is to expose the goals and values of a company. It is the identity of the company and the first interaction with the potential customer. Every brand has a message which they wish to convey to the market. It may be about their work, about their attitude, or about their intentions. A logo can be a powerful tool in getting this message across. There should be a strong connection between your logo and brand to prove a branding strategy.

Don’t just rush into creating a logo. Before you begin penning down the first draft, allow your mind to wander, demonstrate something that no one else has come up with. Remember, do not complicate overly and strictly‘no getting fussy’. You have to give ita serious thought to make it unique, as logo cannot be updated regularly. It is recognition of your company that must grab attention offering a message.

So before you begin, just follow these few simple guidelines to create an appropriate logo:

  • Precise Fit- Does your logo fit your brand’s personality? Does it reflect your domain? There is a need to spend some quality time so that you may study the competition. There are logo design trends, you can take ideas from and see if it fits precisely. Yet, there is very much a need for you to try something totally different, but the decision should be based on accurate research and information.
  • Simplicity - The key to an effective logo is its simplicity. The aim is brand building, creating recognition and not confusion. Your logo should bring you as an image and not confuse your brand with someone else’s. Thus, creating a logo representing your ethics and identity, yet keeping it simple is the challenge. Keeping bare-bones logo is the talent. Remember, it is not only about keeping the logo simple, but also pay attention to the size so that wherever it is used, it should look the same, be it an ad or your business card.
  • Elude Special Effects- Keeping a simple logo means you have to evade your temptation of adding gradients or drop shadows. ‘No special effects’. Do you realize why it is a strict ‘No’? It is because the success of translating complex elements from a printed ad to a website is weak.
  • Color Links- Colors send a meaning, do some research and settle for an appropriate color for your brand. If there is already an established color scheme decided for the brand, make sure it fits right. Anyhow, restrict yourself to 2-4 color choices. If you have plans to go to media and other ad formats, a basic color scheme may be useful.
  • Functional - This is very important to understand,‘How functional is your logo in a blown up size and in a letterhead corner’? Are you able to identify your logo? It may look fabulous on screen, but ensure that it also renders the same recognizable effect when printed, small or large.

Plans of changing a logo is a sizeable deal as it is linked closely to your brand. Thus, take time to set for an appropriate logo that does not undergo changes. If at all you consider redesigning of logo, test it with your customers, just to be safe. This is essential as the entire point of logo revamping is to promote recognition. In matters of logo and brand identity, it is always a better choice to hire experts. Professional branding agencies like MAD Designs can help you in your endeavors.

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