The guide to google better

The guide to google better

Don’t you just hate it when your loved ones are not able to understand what you are exactly trying to tell them? It can be so frustrating. You asking them for an answer and they keep telling you all these other things which are not exactly what you’re looking for. It’s like talking to a machine. Wait! Google is, after all, a machine, right?

The most popular search engine has become such a close-knit part of our lives that it seems rather scary imagining life without it. Today, there might be hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Google. It’s so easy. Just type in the key words for any particular search and in a jiffy, everything related to it is presented on the screen. Ever wondered how you could improve your search to get even more relevant searches? Here is a list of hacks to help you out:

  • Quotation Marks: (“ ”)
    In the case you want to search for exact words, use quotation marks to help Google show you the exact words. This is especially useful for searching the lyrics to your favorite song or the exact phrase in any online document.
    Next time in Google, try searching:
    "If you are not distinctly visible here, you are missing on a hell lot of business!"
  • Dash: ( - )
    A dash before any word in the search bar excludes that word and Google searches for the remaining words.
    Next time in Google, try searching:
    Fossil -Watch
  • Two periods: ( .. )
    Adding two periods between any numbers helps you define the search engine to define a particular range. This can be useful for searching between dates, prices, etc.
    Next time in Google, try searching:
    Bollywood music 1990..2000
  • Site: ( site:query )
    Want to search within a specific website? Just write ‘’ in the search bar and Google will help you to systematically navigate all the pages of the site.
    Next time in Google, try searching:
  • Asterisk ( *)
    Searching for a quote or a phrase, but don’t remember the words? Just replace the missing words with an asterisk mark and type the word. Google will understand.
    Next time in Google, try searching:
    Don't stop when you're *. Stop when you're *

There are many more hacks which Google has played smartly. Knowing them can help you not only search better, but to make Google a powerful research tool for you, so that you may make the best of it. And maybe, now it might start understanding you better. After all, Google is a machine, right?

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