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The Do’s and Don’ts for effective Social Media Marketing

Have dozens of social media posts on various platforms failed to bear fruits for your brand? Despite being all out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and God knows what, you have not been able to generate a single lead? This means that you have not done your homework well.

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts of social media marketing which have helped most brands change the game.

The Do’s:-

• Creativity is the key

Who likes going through the common stuff? The uncommon naturally tends to attract people. Give your creativity a push – be original and different.

• Know how much to post

If you are overactive on social media, chances are that people would get disturbed by the pile of posts and stop following you. Overload of information might also be a reason for your audience to ignore you. Thus, limit the number of posts to an acceptable number.

• Focus on what your consumers want

Hope that you are not indulging often in self-praise, telling the world about how good your product is or what services do you cater to. Your customers would rather be more interested in knowing what you can do for them than who you are. Depending upon your target audience, use the platforms to convey tips, tricks and information that is relevant to them. This would automatically pull them to your side.

• Share information

You would be able to engage an increasing number of people if you can share interesting news and information instead of restricting them to yourself. Do not fear – share as much as you can.

• Timing matters

If you are posting a heavy piece of blog on Friday afternoon, it shall hardly be read. After all, most people would be busy making plans for the weekend! Timing your post right does makes a lot of difference in enhancing its reach. Find out one that is most suitable for your business and stick by it.

• Be consistent

No matter where you are posting, be consistent in your message. Write similarly for your website, Facebook, print media and other places. A consistent tone of voice across every platform brings clarity of thought and invokes trust.

• Always reply to questions/comments

Make sure that your marketing team is always active on social media and gives satisfactory reverts on comments/tweets by prospective clients. It is imperative to maintain impeccable customer service to maintain a positive image on the social media platforms.

The Don’ts

• Don’t give away all

Excessive sharing can spoil the fun and make the prospects incurious about the product. As a result they would stop following your posts. The mantra is to disclose bit by bit and keep the inquisitiveness on.

• Don’t let your profile sit idle

If you want others to follow you and be active on social media platforms, you have to initiate it. Activate your profile on relevant platforms and enhance consumer engagement.

• Don’t underestimate the power of networking

Network, network and network – it is the building block of brand success. A massive social media network and some word-of –mouth praise for your brand on such platforms can do wonders.

• Don’t like your own posts

The fact that you like your own post does not need to be showcased to public by liking it or sharing it yourself. Instead let your friends, employees and social network do this for you.

• Don’t clutter the internet

Don’t overdo it or be spammy. If you chase the same set of audience with the same piece of information, be sure that you are calling for trouble. People would eventually get irritated and delete/ignore your messages as soon as they see it.

• Don’t overlook negative comments

Negative comments can actually be an opportunity for you to show that you are concerned and willing to resolve the issue. Instead of ignoring or deleting it, act on it and post a suitable reply to the user.

• Don’t lose personal touch

People on the other side are also humans and humans like personalization. Thus, avoid relying too much on automation and restrict standard response as much as possible.

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