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The Book that changes everything!

Imagine a friend treating you to a party at McDonalds (feel's good, doesn't it!). However, you reach the place and see that the walls have been colored blue and purple, the employees are all working in their Jeans and T', the Happy meal is just another regular brown box and Ronald is sitting alone on the bench, looking more gloomy than happy, over his faded, barely yellow and red jumpsuit. Something doesn't feel the same, right?

As a MNC, it becomes dire for companies to achieve uniformity in everything they do, wherever they do it. Customers do not look for a product, what they seek is experience. Whenever someone associates themselves with a brand, they are associating with the way the brand makes them feel. It may include the brand colors, the employee conduct, the brand presentation or anything else. The way to bring about this uniformity is simple. The book that changes everything!

A Brand Guide or Brand Manual is an important manual which guides you,as well as explains how a brand is to be properly stated in all aspects, orally as well as visually, when creating sales, marketing, and other resources on behalf of brand.The aim of having brand manuals is to help users in protecting your brand image as well as strengthening your branding tools, thus, creating value for your organization.

- For brand uniformity

In order for a companyto be effective, it is imperative for it to remain consistent. This is very crucial since it is the key to ensure your brand remains recognizable by your patrons. Reliabilityof the brand is important since it promotes marketing of your company.

- Important in setting standards and correct rules

The brand manual can include several colors and versions of your company logo; it is able to provide a wide range of information on specific rules and standards elements that are useful.

The guide manual will contain things like logo variations, it also provide rules forclear spacing around logos. This will enable each and every person extracting the message from the brand to know and understand the elements to use and how to use them.

- Brand manuals provide tools

The brand manual is an important element for sending out a message from your brand, with the correct information tools to ensure your brand imagery remains consistent.These elements highlighted for your brand can work together to generate a solid message. Secondly it enables you to create moving information and building iconic marketing communications for the company.

- Brand manual is important for employee training

As an employer or a manager of a company you may be looking to scale your company, thus employing more and more people. Across borders, a company's identity and functioning must remain the same. A brand manual helps in employing local employees and, still, maintaining the company essence. Hence it's always advisable as a manager to keep your brand consistent and cohesive for your company.

Last but not the least,the brand manual will be important for outlining your organization's budget. The manual will also be used to handle the summary of new products and services which should be consistent within the existing brand value.

A company which is serious about its growth plans will never risk not having discipline in its representation. The brand book enables it to be systematic, proper and of international standards. Though it is the investment of a few days, it remains with the company forever. We can help you with all the A's and Z's of your branding manual. So connect with us to get your bible ready, today!

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