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When India was hit with demonetization last year, a lot of small squares started popping up on placards and pamphlets outside shops. They represented e-wallets for money transfer. Demonetization did help e-wallets to boom, but people also became familiar to the entire concept of QR codes.

What is a QR code?Just a few months back, it would have left many heads baffled, but now the same question is a lot simpler. Yes, QR codes refer to 'Quick Response' code. This is a barcode featuring two-dimension of black and white pattern.

QR codes now are used as conventional bar codes, so is it clear that it involves many functionalities? But, here there is a snitch and it is that the QR codes are capable of many things that the conventional barcodes cannot, owing to their limitations. Here, it is reflected how it is used in applications, to begin with:

Where and how they are used?

Actually, QR codes, since their creation have come a long way. First being developed to track vehicle parts manufacturing process, to now serving various purposes. To name a few of its uses include product marketing/labelling, commercial tracking, entertainment and transport ticketing.

In fact, the QR codes also send audiences to bookmark a webpage, to browse a website, send emails or short messages, initiate phone calls, connect Wi-Fi networks, get coupons, process orders, produce links, access information, advertise products, purchase items, etc.

How they are useful in business?

QR codes offer real value of allowing the customers to get easy online access from their Smartphone. Taking it further; it can be used for contest entries, product registrations, etc.

Businesses do not stop here.They try making it user-friendly and simple to the consumer. Businesses using QR code connect to their web content and ensure it is formatted to Smartphone. Thus, consumers are provided with something extra and QR codes take the users one step ahead.

Regardless of your business size, QR codes may be used. In fact, it can be auto generated for each product. Adding QR code to your business card helps in reaching you soon. Add to everything, flyers, invites, posters, TV ads, etc

How can they help your business?

Build customer relationships
Businesses tussle to get surveys from consumers. Now, the QR codes give an opportunity to complete the survey as they get time on the phone. Businesses get reviews online through QR codes and in fact some companies offer free items or special discounts to people writing reviews.

Free Promotion
QR codes allow 'following' and 'liking' a business. Linking to Twitter and Facebook helps. In fact pin your blog posts or products on Pinterest. Pinterest quality images are an attraction that will bring more potential customers and they will share with few more, that it may go viral.

Other benefits include promoting blog traffic, website, catering to local audience, low cost, and more.


  • Smaller QR codes allows recipient to follow and on linking to social media, you can build followers with ease.
  • Adding QR in your business card turns your card into a marketing agency.
  • Create QR codes intertwined with your logo; this will give you more space on the business card so that you can include other information.

Going a step further, one can also get customized QR Codes and QR analytics, as to the number of scans, the place of scan, the conversion ratio, etc. At Mad designs, we do provide this service for our customers and have seen the positive results of it. If you plan on experimenting with this service, we do suggest you can connect with us for the same.

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