Don’t Just Tag Along

Don’t Just Tag Along

Let’s try this out. Here are 3 lines. As soon as you read it, what comes to your mind?

  • Utterly, Butterly Delicious …..
  • No one can eat just one …..
  • Because you’re worth it …..

Surely, if you belong to the generation which grew up watching television, these lines don’t need a second thought. The first one will definitely bring to your mind the image of the Amul girl, the second line will immediately make you crave for a pack of your favorite Lays and women can definitely relate to the third line, as they are reminded of their adorable make up kit from L’oreal.

Taglines have been used by brands for many years now as a crowd-puller. Though many come and many go, the branding industry has seen more than its share of awesome, witty and meaningful taglines become viral and famous overnight; many a times, which stayed with the audience even after the products were discontinued. In fact, today, tag lines are more than associated with branding of companies. They are used as an integral part of an idea. Kerala’s identity of ‘God’s own country’ or even ‘Incredible India’ is something which immediately connects with the people.

So, what goes into making these beautiful word plays? Surely it’s not just picking up any line and adding it everywhere with the brand name. Here are a few ways to remember while coming up with a tag line:

  • Evoking Emotions:- The foremost thing that a tagline needs to do is induce an emotional connect with the brand. The most straightforward message can be used as a tagline if it evokes the right emotions. Nike is a perfect example of this. Their tagline, ‘Just Do It’, clearly evokes the spirit of sports and a feeling of motivation; exactly what the company aims at.Volkswagon clearly stated their work, their country of origin and their positioning through a simple, yet powerful tagline, ‘Das Auto’
  • Highlighting your USP:- A tagline can effectively help you to highlight that one point which separates you from your competition. If you can exactly tell your USP in 3 words, you have your tagline. Today, whenever anyone recalls of Maggi, their mind immediately turns to the USP of it being ‘2-minute noodles’. Nokia, when it was dominating the telecom market, made complete use of their tagline of ‘Connecting people’ to brand themselves.
  • Relating it with an ancillary:- Sometimes, the message can say a lot about the brand by pointing out an action or emotion related to the product or service. KFC’s ‘Finger-licking good’ tagline is something which the brand promises that their customers will be doing. Coca cola used the simple act of opening the bottle in a creative way through their tagline, ‘Open Happiness’.
  • Humor is always remembered:- One of the best ways is to use humor or fun to connect with the product and its image. The tagline can be a sentence which can be used in two different ways. Or it can just be a thought associated with the product. Mentos, for example, targeted their audience with a catchy tagline, ‘Dimag ki Batti Jalaa de’. Though it was not related to the product directly, the tagline got a huge response from the audience.
  • Using it twice:- Another practice which can be seen is by using the brand name itself in the tagline again. Axe did this perfectly through its tagline, ‘The Axe Effect’. Another example which could fit this pattern is of MasterCard. Who could forget the lengthy, yet so relatable tagline; ‘There are some things which money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.’
    Over the years, there has been an increasing use of taglines. In fact, companies today who are keen on television advertising or videos, can be seen building up entire campaigns based on the tagline. It is a beautiful way to engage the customers and give them something to relate themselves with the brand. It can also boost the company’s image by connecting with the audience in the most precise manner.
    There is a lot that goes in coming up with those perfect lines which can represent your brand. In case you feel that you could do with some external help, there are branding agencies like MAD Designs, which can help do the work for you.

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