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Does Content Always Mean Words??

In the competition where everyone is in the race to grab attention of the customer, it has become imperative for businesses to project themselves as unique. Content acts as a very strong catalyst in this. Tag lines, websites, print ads, etc. all show the effects of a well-written communication. But we feel that it’s time to explore newer avenues. Digital marketing has given businesses a very lucrative platform to present themselves. So why not make the most of it!

Visual content can break monotony and entice customers to take a look beyond the product (or service) and get connected with the essence of the Brand. Below are a few practices which you can use to create something more effective for your brand!

1. Infographics:


Infographics can help you to compress a lot of information and project them in a manner which will still be liked, as well as understood, by your audience. Studies show that businesses which use infographics acquired 12% higher profits than those who don’t. On the digital media, this is liked and shared 3X more than any other visual content.

2. Engaging videos:

Engaging videos

Videos never fail to impress. Short insiders, snippets of products/services or animation; videos can add that spark to your Brand. Almost 64% consumers are inclined to buy products online after watching a video.

3. Data Visualizations:

Data Visualizations

Maps, charts, graphs and diagrams are some of the best ways to communicate. One of the most traditional, yet extremely professional ways to send your messages across, data visualizations also helps businesses in self-analysis and comparison.

4. Photographs:


Good old photographs still connect with the customers in one of the most interesting fashions. A whopping 93% people say images are the #1 deciding factor in their purchase decisions.

5. Call-to-action:


A strong call-to-action can be a great influencer to make your customer take their final decision. It acts as a great puller for sales, promotion, redirecting traffic and capturing attention of the masses. However, 70% of businesses totally lack in any call-to-action.

Visual presence can stay a lot longer in the minds of customers than written content. Brands can make great use of these different kinds of visual aids to entice the customers. So if it has already not been experimented on, you can start today itself!!

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