MAD Designs |Branding Case Study| TROPICANA's disaster from 2009

TROPICANA's disaster from 2009

"Surely this will be a huge success!!" This might have been the first thought of the management at TROPICANA as they planned on venturing out with a completely new packaging for their Orange Juice.

However, it went down in the company's history as one of the costliest mistakes, with the sales figures dropping by 19% in that year. The company immediately reversed the decision and brought back the original packaging within 2 months of its launch

-MAD Designs |Branding Case Study| TROPICANA's packaging

So what made the doyens of the premium orange juice brand face such problems? Let's have a closer look at the scenario:


The first thing which was immediately noticeable, yet felt unfamiliar was the change in the logo. Tropicana went ahead and changed their logo along with this packaging. This worked against them as customers, when they saw the complete change, lost the familiarity with the brand and began having conflicting minds to try out the 'new' product or not.

The front Image

Tropicana, in the minds of their customers, was always related to health and fitness. The sub-conscious effect of seeing a real Orange as compared to a glass of Orange Juice attracted the consumers as they could connect to a drink which was "Naturally Healthy". With the new design, customers started seeing it as a soft drink rather than natural orange juice.


The importance of the right color matching the product played a crucial part in the scenario. Color change in packaging design, both for the image as well as the logo, did not find the acceptance which the company had expected.


Tropicana changed the lid design as well. The lid shape was changed to resemble the form of a half-cut orange.

Individually, a few changes might have had worked for the company. However, with the complete metamorphosis of every aspect of branding, the customer lost all the emotions related to the original product and found themselves being entrusted with something completely new. Not a single element was retained, which the consumers could relate with the original Tropicana.

Result: For a brand like Tropicana, the consumers had a deep rooted attachment with the image of health and purity. During their packaging change, the company, unintentionally, changed a lot of things which had helped build the customers' trust with the brand name. Though, sometimes, it may be a good decision to change the entire branding (maybe in caseof start-ups or smaller companies), a renowned brand may have to think twice before taking such steps.

However, Tropicana took the corrective measures and this setback never stopped them from experimenting. Recently, their launch of a new packaging shows exactly how the brand took their failure, learnt from it and emerged as an even better brand.

MAD Designs |Branding Case Study| TROPICANA's new packaging

As a company, PepsiCo had a hard time with their packaging and it was the corrective measures taken in the right time which saved the company from further going into exponential losses. Businesses need to be careful with their branding and rebranding strategies and consider all the possible outcomes before taking such steps...


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