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Marks Pryor-Branding Case Study

Marks Pryor Marking Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Marks Pryor Marking Technology Pvt. Ltd. makes use of the latest state of art technology for manufacturing a variety of Marking Tools.
Its website forms a fundamental part of its marketing and support function.

The Challenge

The old website lacked clarity with multiple broken links and out-dated design. It was not built with responsive capability and did not allow clients to easily find their products and product technical specifications. Marks Pryor approached MAD Designs, seeking help on how their website could help them improve their business prospect at a Global level.

The Solution

MAD Designs, initially began working by understanding and analyzing Marks Pryor's work environment based on 5 factors:

  • Nature of Clients who would be visiting the websites
  • Pain points which were faced by clients in the old website
  • Designing aspects and Flow of information on website based on the latest trends and simplicity of viewing.
  • Scope of improvement, based on both national and international standards
  • Basic understanding of competitors and their websites.

Based on the initial study, recommendations were put forth to Marks Pryor for necessary steps to be undertaken.
We embarked on a project to create a website design which could reflect Mark Pryor as a new brand, as well as reflecting the new structure and content included on the prototype. The site runs in HTML and utilizes Mutlipress to deliver different language content.

  • Online Chat Box was introduced for 24/7 customer support
  • All information on website was de-cluttered, broken links were removed and website was optimized for quick loading
  • Website was made responsive for use on any screen size
  • Data on website was updated
  • Flow of information on the website was simplified so that the products and their technical description could be presented in a clearer and precise way.

The Impact

- The renewed website improved the Google rating of Marks Pryor.

- Increase in the rate of customers visiting their websites.

- Customers accepted and appreciated the newly introduced Online Chat-box leading to a better service providing experience for the company

- Better clarity for both national and international clients with language change options

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