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5 graphic design trends you must watch out for in 2017

New year marks fresh beginnings in the graphic designing universe. Though some trends of 2016 will continue to remain popular, one can expect to see a lot of new and fascinating designs in 2017. Here are the 5 graphic design trends you must watch out for in 2017.      

Minimalism With its roots in post–World War II Western art, Minimalism, as a concept has been around for quite some time. However, it would find much usage in the current year and allow designs to breathe better through increased white space. With lower focal points, this design trend would mean simpler but more functional designs.


Hand drawn images Graphic designing has seemingly discovered a new dimension through hand drawn sketches. These illustrations would add its special human touch to the design and is being widely accepted and liked by the audience. The images are rather simple and child-like but are capable of explaining complex problems and addressing tough situations.  Do not be surprised to see this trend becoming the top most flavor of 2017 graphic designing.


Responsive Logos With smart devices over-saturating our lives, responsive logo design was inevitable. Such logos function well across all smart devices; be it your smart phones, laptops, tablets or any other such device. This style of logo designing will be fairly visible throughout the year and even beyond. Expect simple, yet flexible smart logos crafted especially for your smart world.


Modular designs Modular graphic layout breaks large pieces of data into smaller design chunks and fits them in one frame. Not only does this make the data seem more readable but also adds a professional touch to the design. This form of designing manages information well and helps create readers’ interest in the data. Look out for this gaining ground in 2017.


Modern Retro fusion This has been quite a popular trend last year and continues to top the chart in 2017. Modern touch added to retro style designs, colors and typefaces makes an interesting fusion that is worth a look.

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