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2017 digital marketing trends – Keep an eye on top 5

  • madblog
  • Wednesday February 22, 2017
Needless to say, consumers’ evolving needs and changing priorities influence 2017’s digital marketing trends that top brands follow. Being attuned to what customers want becomes imperative for survival. Like every year, this element, along with several other factors, drive the digital marketing trend of 2017. This article is meant for all those who precisely want to know what one should do in 2017 to stay ahead in the right race.

  • New product launch
Evolving consumer demands can actively be met through customized product launches. The magic mantra is to swiftly adapt to changes in customer feedbacks and purchasing choices and offer them what they want.


  • Exploit the universe of Artificial Intelligence
The buzzword of 2017 is ‘Artificial Intelligence’- A technology that helps consumers explore a complex world of endless possibilities and create their own perceptions. To stand out amidst tough competition, an increasing number of brands are using AI to their advantage- especially start-ups and those dealing in data-analytics.


  • Communicate instantly
Gone are the times when an e-mail blast used to be the best way to reach out to prospects. High-speed communication apps have replaced them ever since. The current generation expects immediate connect. To win the stride, it is implied that brands meet this expectation. 2017 digital marketing trends demand your brand to reach out faster and in an interactive manner.


  • High influence of mobile devices on consumer choices
Technology is surging to the next level and in 2017,electronic revolution is expected to attain a new dimension. The mobile devices shall become smarter than ever. They shall contain more intuitive information about our preferences, lifestyles and cultures and greatly influence our purchasing decisions- while giving us the flexibility to take advice with regards to a certain product from our trusted social network.


  • Avoid Intrusive Marketing
No, consumers do not want brands shouting out aloud and publicizing on social media about their products and services, what they can do and why should you consider them. Intrusive marketing techniques have lost their market share earlier and the resentment continues.2017 digital marketing trend calls out for smart ad concepts with related and cheeky content.


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